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Performance Marketing Review: CES & Tech-Driven Brand Partnerships

Posted by Erik Mikisch on Jan 9, 2017 6:24:15 AM
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Last week, the annual Consumer Electonics Show (CES) drew thousands of exhibitors, buyers and media members to Las Vegas. In addition to being a showcase for the latest gizmos and gadgets, the conference is also fertile ground for creativity in brand marketing. 

Katie Kulik, SVP of Sales at CBS Interactive wrote a piece on AdWeek: Why CES Is a Key Incubator for Marketing Execs. Agency creatives also highlighted examples of technology-enabled innovative brand partnerships, which is where we start our digital and partner marketing roundup for today.

What CP+B's Top Creative Technologists Learned From This Year's CES

Like many agency creatives this year, Joe Corr and Corey Szopinski came to CES to soak up the leading edge of tech and see how CP+B's brands might benefit from it. The agency's two executive creative technology directors—Corr holds that title at the Boulder office, while Szopinski leads tech at CP+B Los Angeles—spoke with Adweek about the dominance of automotive and voice technologies at CES this year. They also explained what makes their client Domino's such a force in tech, and how L.A.'s NBA2K client put tech to fascinating use through a partnership with Fitbit.

Final Holiday Figures: $92 B in eCommerce, Omnichannel Retail Had Big Share

As reported by Marketing Land, the final holiday online shopping tally is out. According to Adobe, total e-commerce sales (November 1 to December 31) hit $91.7 billion, representing growth of 11 percent year over year. Out of 61 shopping days in the period, all but five saw at least $1 billion in online revenue. Traffic to retailers was split evenly between the desktop and mobile, but sales still heavily favored the PC. Mobile devices accounted for 31 percent of sales, and the desktop generated 69 percent, according to Adobe’s estimates.

Publishers Must Think Locally When Expanding Globally

In an AdExchanger Sell Sider column, Kumaran Ramanathan, chief executive at IDG Global Services says the most common pitfall for globa media companies is pushing strategic direction and messaging across regions with a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach and no nuance between regional and local markets. When a publisher is trying to ensure that its global marketing efforts are as highly functional and representative of its different regional markets as possible, it must consider a range of factors, including currency and metrics differences, its partners, Deal IDs and messaging.

Why a Video Strategy is Critical for Publishers

When the value of a product soars, everyone wants to stock it. So, with video ad spend growing by 40% this year and due to rise by a further 32% in 2017, it’s no surprise that publishers are rushing to adorn their shop front with the ‘video sold here’ sign. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Alex Bornyakov, co-founder and CEO, VertaMedia explains why, when it comes to video strategy, acting in haste is a bad decision for a reason.
And for those in the midst of cold, winter weather with warm vacations on the mind, here's an interesting example of a tech-driven brand partnership...
Carnival cruises into IoT with platform for enhanced guest experiences

As reported by Marketing Dive, Accenture is working with Carnival Corporation on an interactive guest experience platform that includes a wearable device called the Ocean Medallion, a digital portal called the Ocean Compass and a network of Internet of Things devices designed to help Carnival guests get the most out of their vacations. The platform provides personalization through capabilities like streaming analytics, contextual awareness and machine learning. Accenture is also developing a capability called Experience Genomics for Carnival that will anticipate guest preferences to provide a better vacation experience.

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