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How Virgin Australia Opened New Revenue Streams with Partner Marketing

Posted by Performance Horizon on Dec 15, 2016 2:45:15 PM

Virgin Australia.jpgImage Source: Virgin Australia

Client Success Story

Virgin Australia, Australia’s second-largest airline, provides travellers with a seamless experience across all international and domestic markets while retaining the same excellent service. Historically, Virgin Australia worked with performance marketing agency Columbus on their only official performance marketing channel, SEM. 

The Challenge:

In order to expand beyond SEM, Virgin Australia sought a platform that would allow them to grow their channels, improve operational efficiencies and manage their existing and new partnerships in one place.

Columbus introduced Performance Horizon to Virgin Australia as a sophisticated technology that could both address existing challenges and allow management of additional partner marketing channels. Virgin Australia relied extensively on Performance Horizon’s in-language and global client and publisher support to fully migrate and onboard their existing partners with minimal risk.


Implementing Performance Horizon allowed Virgin Australia to develop a completely new revenue channel working with marketing partners, including  cashback, loyalty, and longtail partners. They now focus on maximizing their revenue and increasing the profitability of their current partners in the marketing partner channel as well as any additional partners added to their portfolio.

“I would definitely recommend Performance Horizon and am excited at the opportunity of what more we can do moving forward as we start to incorporate and work with more and more meta data to help develop our insights and campaign development."

—Drew Ascough, Leader, Performance Media & Analytics, Virgin Australia

To learn more about the strategy that Performance Horizon developed with Virgin Australia:

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