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How CompareTV Optimized Partner Marketing with Performance Horizon

Posted by Performance Horizon on Jan 6, 2017 1:53:02 PM


Partner Success Story

Compare TV ( empowers Australians to get the most out of their leisure time by providing reviews guides and offers on a range of digital entertainment services. As a marketing partner, Compare TV works with the biggest media brands in the industry, including a large Australian pay television company whose services include cable television, direct broadcast satellite television, and IPTV catch-up services.

The Challenge:

Compare TV sought to optimize activity across a number of key products on behalf of the large pay television company that it drives business for. They also wanted to reduce the time spent on pulling manual reports and improve their working relationships with all of their advertisers by communicating around performance and shared targets.

Compare TV uses Performance Horizon’s highly granular data capabilities to continuously monitor campaign performance in real-time and no longer has to rely on automated Excel reports from merchants containing click and conversion data that are often on an irregular or infrequent cadence.


Performance Horizon’s partner marketing technology is helping Compare TV achieve its mission of becoming the best digital entertainment guide by allowing them to be proactive and nimble in their decision-making. Compare TV no longer needs to chase down data or results from previous weeks’ activity, which saves them a considerable amount of time, allows them to proactively analyze their results, and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

“The real-time data updates are slick – the dashboard reports back as you watch. The mobile app is also great and enables you to monitor performance wherever you are. We have not seen this offered by any of the other similar products we have worked with. It’s also easy to create and track bespoke segments using the pubref function.”

—Oliver Mistry, Director of Compare TV

To learn more about the strategy that Performance Horizon developed with Compare TV:

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